Tube sheet cladding-system

The planning and production of condensers, coolers and other heat exchangers is often carried out with different materials, i.e. the tube sheet is made of carbon steel and the tubes are made of a high grade material, for example brass, copper/nickel, titanium, stainless steel or others. This combination of materials forms a galvanic cell in connection with the cooling water as an electrolytic medium. As a consequence this inevitably leads to electrochemical corrosion. The result is a strong pitting and therefore the tube sheet is damaged, particularly in the areas, where the tubes are rolled in the tube sheet. These damages cause leaking areas and finally lead to the failure of the condensers and coolers.

The ‘Porokor®-Cladding-System’ for tube sheets offers a permanent corrosion protection for new plants both as a preventive corrosion protection(with a thickness of 3-5 mm)

Tube sheet in blasting condition

Tube sheet with Porokor®-2000 Cladding-System


and also for the rehabilitation and life time extension of old and damaged plants (with a thickness up to 20 mm).

Tube sheet in a corroded condition

Tube sheet with porokor®-2000 Cladding-System

Apart from the just mentioned advantages in the field of corrosion protection the tube sheet cladding-systems offer the following effects:

•  The embedded tube ends in the cladding create a higher watertight and strength of the rolled tubes.
•  The shiny and anti-adhesive coating surface guarantees a smaller incrustation and also smaller micro-biological attacks.
•  A reduction of the expenditures for the cleaning works is reached and the intervals for cleaning can be extended.
•  The tube ends with a streamlined design reduce the forming of turbulences, and at the same time the cooling water pressure is reduced and thus the effectiveness of the ball cleaning system is increased.
•  Altogether we get a higher reliability and availability of the plants as well as a cutting down of costs for maintenance and investment.