About us

The  mükotec GmbH is a competent specialist company in the fields of corrosion protection and surface techniques.
The main emphasis of our services is the cooling water related coating of condensers, coolers, water chambers, cooling water pipes and containers.

Firstly we offer the coating and corrosion protection of new products of companies which produce and deliver equipment and plants for the energy industry and chemical or petrochemical industries (e.g. Siemens, Alstom, Skoda and others).

Secondly we offer to use these coating services for the repair, for the redevelopment and for the extension of the life time of plants in different power stations, which have already been in operation for a long time (e.g. at Vattenfall, RWE, e-on, Steag, MIBRAG, LEAG, at power stations of towns and at industrial power stations and the like ).

We make use of and offer cold setting 2-compenent epoxy resin systems, predominantly the Porokor®-Products.
A motivated team of engineers and skilled coating workers with practical experience of more than 25 years at home and abroad are available to you in the field of condenser and heat exchanger coating.

Certficate: ISO 9001
Fachbetrieb nach §19 I WHG