Coating of water chambers, cooling water pipes and containers

These coating systems are especially suitable for the corrosion and erosion protection of parts of plants of cooling water cycle system with a permanent exposure to moisture. You can also use these coating systems in a modified form for the corrosion and erosion protection of different kinds of tanks and containers in operating plants and stores, which are differently made use of.

Our main system:

porokor® P 400K

•  It is a solvent-free, cold setting 2-component epoxy resin coating system

coating of a water chamber
with porokor P 400K

•  It is used as prime coat and top coat for the porokor®-2000 cladding system on tube sheets
•  It is used for the corrosion protection of water chambers and containers as a multi-layer coating system with changing colour shades and a dry film thickness with a minimum size of 500 µm .

When the customer has the request or when you have the use with specially conditions of operation so you can in vote with us also use other suitable coating systems.